It is true that the nutritional status of a person is reflected in the physical appearance. Insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, aminoacids and/or other substances adversely affect the body, therefore a balanced diet is the ideal to maintain our physical health under optimus conditions.

Still, the current lifestyle and the rhythm of meals, together with factors such as stress or metabolic changes due to age, make it necessary in many cases to supplement the diet with an extra supply of some essential nutrients to delay the signs of aging and Keep a beautiful and shiny skin.

Some of the causes of skin aging are inevitable and cannot be changed. Our biological age determines the structural changes in the skin and the efficiency of cellular functions, which decline as the years pass.

There are three main expressions of skin ageing affecting the physical appeareance each one of them in a different way:

  • Wrinkles

The first noticeable symptom of ageing from 25 years old is the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. These fine lines appear in different facial areas and they are the ageing signs more and easily recognizable. The deepest wrinkles are found located around nose and mouth, being related to drooping of the skin and are associated with volumen loss.

  • Volumen loss

In volumen loss the skin changes the general facial appearance like a transformation, but sometimes is difficult to identify. The most notable evidence is that volumen loss can confer a negative facial appearance, sad or fatigued that may cause misperception on mood or in the image of a person.

  • Density loss

Being more common in postmenopausal women, density loss is located in skin surface and takes place in the formation  of thinner and weaker skin. Density loss affects all the face and not in located facial areas.

The signs of skin ageing are caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Knowlegge of the causes contributes to create a natural approach in the prevention of skin ageing.

    • Ultraviolet radiation is the extrinsic factor that most deteriore the underlying structure of the skin and accelerate its ageing;
    • The reduction in collagen´s synthesis in the fibroblasts, the loss of density of collagen and dermal density is the main intrinsic factor of skin aging.

Fibroblasts are damaged because of the oxidative stress and inflammatory processes, reducing their metabolic capacity. Most local and systemic treatments try to increase collagen´s density in order to recuperate the internal skin´s structure and slow down its ageing.

The dermic matrix presents some structural components, being the collagen the most quantitative and qualitative one, playing an important role in skin´s texture and aspect of mature skin, whose ageing is inevitably linked to its reduction.

Collagen is a big size molecule that is not absorbed through the stratum corneum, but it has been shown that the hydrolyzed collagen oral intake can slow down skin aging, improving the density of collagen due to endogenous synthesis.

Most local and systemic treatments try to increase collagen´s density acting through the biochemistry of its cellular metabolism, in order to recover the internal skin´s structure and slow down its ageing.

The most effective strategy to treat or prevent the skin ageing process is taking a complete and integralsupplement as LUMINOUS SKINAGE® because:

    1. Optimize the endogenous synthesis of collagen;
    2. Provide essential and beneficial nutrients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatories and regenerating properties for the skin;
    3. Presents effective results within 4 weeks of treatment.